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Having decided to work in Bahrain, you have taken the steps: applied for work, gotten accepted, prepared the requirements, and hopped on a flight to the Kingdom. Now that you have finally arrived, what’s next? This article talks about what to do once you arrive in Bahrain. First, you should know all about the Labour [...]

Many job opportunities are currently available in the Kingdom of Bahrain. If you are thinking about working in this country or if you have just accepted a job offer here, then this article is for you! Here, we talk about the essentials of applying for a job and working in Bahrain. This article presents the [...]

Defying Gravity - Indoor Skydiving Adventure in Bahrain - Featured Image

Sky diving is perhaps one of the most extreme activities there is. Imagine riding a plane that rises to thousands of feet up in the air — then jumping off — with a parachute, of course! Think of the excitement, the thrill, and the adrenaline rush of flying high up in the sky! But if [...]

It’s been part of our Filipino culture that we send balikbayan boxes to our families back in the Philippines as a way to show that we haven’t forgotten about them. We fill these boxes month by month with clothes, groceries and other items bought from what’s left of our monthly salary. LBC, the Philippine leading [...]

Leaving your home country to work abroad is not an easy task. You might need to learn another language, become familiar with the local culture, get along with different colleagues, and make new friends. These cannot happen overnight – adapting to a new workplace takes time! While this may seem like a challenging task, remember [...]

How to Sponsor a Maid in Bahrain

At the end of a long day at work, wouldn’t it be nice to just go home and relax? Your clothes have already been washed and folded, your room squeaky clean, and your dinner ready to be served? With the help of a maid, you wouldn’t have to worry about household chores! When you find [...]

A Visit to Al Areen Wildlife Park and Reserve Bahrain

The Al Areen Wildlife Park and Reserve in Bahrain is a haven for animals, plants, and nature lovers. For more than 30 years now, it has protected and cared for numerous flora and fauna — 82 bird species, 45 mammal species, and 25 plant species, to be exact! In 1976, the park and reserve was [...]

Good news to all OFWs as the OEC will be scrapped and will be replaced with an OFW ID called iDOLE (ID of the Department of Labor and Employment). This OFW ID card is free and will be automatically be issued to all OFWs. The Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) announced that the OFW ID will [...]

Exploring the Beaches of Bahrain

Some people go to the beach to swim and catch some waves, while others like to go jogging, play beach volleyball, or catch frisbees. Still, there are those who just want to relax and get a tan under the sun, whereas others like to attend exciting beach parties with friends. Whatever you want to do, [...]

At times, our daily routine can get very busy indeed. Hectic schedules at work, rush hour traffic, and household chores tend to fill our days. Fortunately, there is a place where you can go to meditate, to read a book, or simply to relax in a natural setting: the park! Bahrain is filled with public [...]