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How to Renew Vehicle Registration in Bahrain

Just as it is important to renew your driving license in Bahrain, it is also a must to renew your vehicle registration, which is managed by the General Directorate of Traffic in the Kingdom. ALSO READ: Guide to Traffic Laws & Driving in Bahrain Whether you are driving a personal car or company car, the vehicle needs to be [...]

How to Renew a Driving License in Bahrain

Having a driving license in Bahrain comes in handy, especially if you drive a car for work or travel purposes. Like most other licenses, however, it needs to be renewed after a certain period. ALSO READ: Guide to Traffic Laws & Driving in Bahrain Today, we will discuss how you can renew your driving license in Bahrain. [...]

World's Largest Underwater Park 'Dive Bahrain' Opens Sept 7

Earlier this year, we shared the news about a unique theme park opening in Bahrain. Well, that time has officially arrived! Dive Bahrain, the world’s largest underwater theme park, opens to the public on September 7. Time to bring out your scuba gear, folks! ALSO READ: Discover the Lost Paradise of Dilmun Water Park Spanning an area [...]

How to Apply for an NBI Clearance Abroad

One of the more common requirements for work, travel, or starting a business in the Philippines is an NBI Clearance. For many OFWs, especially those who have been away from the country for some time may wonder if it is possible to apply for one without having to return to the Philippines to get it [...]

Cleanliness Law Awareness Campaign Launched

The kingdom’s vision to introduce a new law is now one step closer to becoming a reality as an education campaign was launched by the government last Sunday (August 25). Works, Municipalities Affairs and Urban Planning Ministry’s Undersecretary Sheikh Mohammed bin Ahmed bin Sultan Al Khalifa opened the workshop, which was presented by legal adviser [...]

PH Embassy Conducts Post-Arrival Orientation Seminar for Newly Arrived OFWs

The Philippine Embassy in Manama, Bahrain conducted an orientation seminar last August 23 (Friday) for newly arrived Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) in the kingdom. This event was organized in order to provide assistance to nationals by equipping them with the necessary information and understanding of what work and life is like in countries such as [...]

How to Replace Lost or Damaged Philippine Passport in Bahrain

Part of living and working abroad is to keep our documents safe, most especially our passports. But what if our passport suddenly gets lost, stolen, or damaged? Oh no! ALSO READ: No More Red Ribbon on Authentication Certificates Have no fear… help is here! The Philippine Embassy in Bahrain can facilitate the replacement of your lost or [...]

How to Renew Philippine Passport in Bahrain (for Minor Applicants)

One of the standard requirements for traveling abroad is a passport with at least six (6) months’ validity. So every now and then, we need to have our Philippine passports renewed. This applies to adult passport holders as well as minors (i.e. 17 years old and below). ALSO READ: No More Red Ribbon on Authentication Certificates For passport [...]

Philippine Embassy Supports Ban on Single-Use Plastic, Launches Reusable Bags

Aside from processing our passports and providing government services, the Philippine Embassy in Manama is also involved in different initiatives. Just recently, it launched a solid waste management project, which is supportive of Bahrain’s ban on single use plastic bags. ALSO READ: No More Red Ribbon on Authentication Certificates The Embassy is promoting eco-friendly alternatives to non-biodegradable [...]

Here are What You Need to Know about Teaching English in Bahrain

English is generally part of the national curriculum followed by schools in the Kingdom. Despite this, it’s quite rare to find native English-speakers in the state education system, cultural differences accounting for this. Because of this, there is a significant number of openings for English teachers coming from other places such as Egypt, Syria, Jordan, [...]