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Here’s How You Can Book An Online Appointment for Consular Services at the Philippine Embassy in Bahrain

The Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) has adopted a new system for its online appointment consular services for each of its missions all over the world. This aims to digitize the filing, processing, and record-tracking of consular services for all Filipino nationals in their respective host countries, including the Kingdom of Bahrain in the Middle [...]

Guide to Buying a Car in Bahrain

When it comes to traveling, Bahrain has a modern and developed transport system. Of course, if you prefer to drive, then you can opt to buy a car that you can use for going to work or to different places. Since petrol is relatively cheap in Bahrain, you get to save money, too! In this [...]

Bahrain Business Etiquette - Do's and Don'ts in the Workplace

There are many expats who are currently living and working in Bahrain. In fact, almost 50 percent of the population are foreigners! The country is a major hub for business and finance in the Middle East, so it’s a very “international” and cosmopolitan country, indeed. That being said, Bahrain is also a Muslim country, with [...]

3-Step Registration Process for the Philippine National ID

On Friday, April 30, online applications for national IDs were made available, with the aim of enrolling 70 million Filipinos in the Philippine Identification System (PhilSys) by the end of 2021. READ ALSO: How to Renew Philippine Passport in Bahrain President Rodrigo Duterte signed Republic Act No. 11055, also known as the “Philippine Identification System [...]

Guide to Banking, Taxes, and Money Matters in Bahrain

Are you a new expat in Bahrain or someone who is planning to live and work here? If so, then it’s important that you become familiar with banking, taxes, and money matters in this country. After all, you’ll be dealing with salary payments, bills payments, savings, deposits, money transfers, car loans, and other transactions, just like [...]

Filipina OFW in Bahrain Builds PHP 450K Dream House in 3 Years

Every Filipino working abroad dreams of having their own house. But the first challenge is determining how much you need to save up. This is an important question to note because this will inform your goals and how long you need to work and save up overseas. For our feature OFW in this post, she [...]

This OFW Started Her Own House Project Worth Php 200K

Many OFWs dream of having their own house. But not everyone gets to have one even if they already have the means and resources to do so. Why? Because they only “dream” about it. In this feature post, we share the journey of a kababayan based in the Kingdom of Bahrain, working as an OFW [...]

Salary of an OFW in Bahrain

Whenever people think of working abroad, one of the first things (if not the first) they’d like to know about is the salary. Naturally, a person’s salary will depend on several things such as the type of your job, your work experience, and credentials, among others. But for OFWs, there are also economic factors such [...]

House Tour of Katas ng OFW in Bahrain

Just like most people, Filipinos have dreams shaped by the lives they were exposed to. For those who came from impoverished backgrounds, the dream could be “to better provide for the family” and for those who do not have a permanent home they can go to, it could be “to have a dream house”. Undoubtedly, [...]

Gov’t Introduces Digital ‘Vaccine Passports’

On Wednesday (February 17), the Kingdom of Bahrain announced through the Gulf state’s media office that it has launched its own digital ‘vaccine passport’ for citizens. The decision aims to determine whether using digital ‘vaccine passports’ would work well for the people of Bahrain in light of the ongoing pandemic. The initiative positions the kingdom [...]