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Bahrain to Open First Ever 'Educational Park' in Kingdom

Not long after the world’s largest underwater park opened in Bahrain, plans for the first ever educational park in the Kingdom had been announced recently. Yay! ALSO READ: List of Public Parks in Bahrain The property arm of Bahrain’s sovereign wealth fund, Bahrain Real Estate Investment Company (Edamah) B.S.C., has signed an agreement with Mayasem Holding to develop [...]

Bahrain to Strengthen Commitment to Environmental Causes by Banning Plastic Fishing

Building on what it has already started in helping to save the environment, the Kingdom of Bahrain has aired plans to consider banning plastic fishing around the Kingdom. Through this effort, Bahrain is considering requiring fishermen and industry players to return to older fibrous plant materials for fishing instead of the synthetic materials that are [...]

34 Filipino Artists Feature Work in Visual Art Exhibit in Bahrain

Following the success of the previous staging of a visual art exhibit by Filipino artists in the kingdom, the Philippine Embassy in Manama, Bahrain together with the Filipino Creatives Bahrain (FCB) and in partnership with the Filipino Club Bahrain, has once again organized another exhibition featuring 34 Filipino artists and more than 80 artworks with [...]

OFW Stroke Survivor in Bahrain to be Reunited with Family after 8 Years

An overseas Filipino worker (OFW) based in the Kingdom of Bahrain who had a stroke will finally get to return home to her family in the Philippines after working abroad as a domestic helper for eight years. OFW Daisy Fernandez De Jesus, who hails from Mexico, Pampanga suffered a stroke last June 9, 2019, which [...]

World's Largest Underwater Park 'Dive Bahrain' Opens Sept 7

Earlier this year, we shared the news about a unique theme park opening in Bahrain. Well, that time has officially arrived! Dive Bahrain, the world’s largest underwater theme park, opens to the public on September 7. Time to bring out your scuba gear, folks! ALSO READ: Discover the Lost Paradise of Dilmun Water Park Spanning an area [...]

Cleanliness Law Awareness Campaign Launched

The kingdom’s vision to introduce a new law is now one step closer to becoming a reality as an education campaign was launched by the government last Sunday (August 25). Works, Municipalities Affairs and Urban Planning Ministry’s Undersecretary Sheikh Mohammed bin Ahmed bin Sultan Al Khalifa opened the workshop, which was presented by legal adviser [...]

PH Embassy Conducts Post-Arrival Orientation Seminar for Newly Arrived OFWs

The Philippine Embassy in Manama, Bahrain conducted an orientation seminar last August 23 (Friday) for newly arrived Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) in the kingdom. This event was organized in order to provide assistance to nationals by equipping them with the necessary information and understanding of what work and life is like in countries such as [...]

Philippine Embassy Supports Ban on Single-Use Plastic, Launches Reusable Bags

Aside from processing our passports and providing government services, the Philippine Embassy in Manama is also involved in different initiatives. Just recently, it launched a solid waste management project, which is supportive of Bahrain’s ban on single use plastic bags. ALSO READ: No More Red Ribbon on Authentication Certificates The Embassy is promoting eco-friendly alternatives to non-biodegradable [...]

Embassy Urges Filipinos to Report Cases of Human Trafficking

In observance of this year’s World Day Against Trafficking, commemorated last July 30, The Philippine Embassy in Bahrain reminded everyone once again to help stop human trafficking by reporting it to the authorities. The Embassy encourages all Filipinos in Bahrain to be vigilant about this atrocious crime, and help end it by reporting to Inter-Agency [...]

Pinay Domestic Worker Undergoes Breakthrough Surgery in Bahrain

The Kingdom of Bahrain is known for its excellent medical innovations. This was proven true last May when a Filipina household service worker (HSW) underwent a breakthrough medical procedure that removed a huge and aggressive tumor in her right cheek. ALSO READ: Guide to Health and Medical Care in Bahrain Rosalina Grandusa, a 38-year old Filipina who [...]