OFW Stroke Survivor in Bahrain to be Reunited with Family After 8 Years

An overseas Filipino worker (OFW) based in the Kingdom of Bahrain who had a stroke will finally get to return home to her family in the Philippines after working abroad as a domestic helper for eight years.

OFW Daisy Fernandez De Jesus, who hails from Mexico, Pampanga suffered a stroke last June 9, 2019, which required her to undergo a delicate craniotomy procedure to remove the blood clot and to relieve the swelling in her brain.

OFW Stroke Survivor in Bahrain to be Reunited with Family after 8 Years
Credits: Philippine Embassy in the Kingdom of Bahrain/ Facebook

Filipino Stroke Survivor in Bahrain to Finally Return Home After 8 Years

De Jesus, who has become partially paralyzed due to stroke, has been confined at the Salmaniya Hospital in Manama, Bahrain for four months according to a report by the Philippine Embassy in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

With the hope to be reunited with her family in the Philippines, Ms. De Jesus has gradually made an excellent recovery, which has now allowed her to travel back to the Philippines, finally.

On the day of her return to the Philippines, Ms. De Jesus shared, “I am happy to be given the chance to be with my family again in the Philippines. This would not have been possible without the efforts of the Philippine Embassy and the assistance of the Kingdom of Bahrain.”

Due to her medical condition, the Philippine Embassy in the Kingdom of Bahrain arranged for Ms. De Jesus‘ repatriation with the assistance of a medical escort.

During this process, the Philippine Embassy had coordinated with relevant government agencies in Bahrain for the efficient repatriation of Ms. De Jesus.

Furthermore, the Department of Foreign Affairs shouldered all related expenses for the medical repatriation of Ms. De Jesus through the utilization of the Assistance-to-Nationals Fund.

This story just goes to show how difficult it is to live as an OFW abroad, especially when you’re living far away from your family, and have no one to turn to in case of a medical emergency or in the event of a life-changing disability such as stroke.

Fortunately, the good-hearted officials from the Philippine Embassy in Bahrain have expertly arranged the repatriation process for Ms. De Jesus through the help of all relevant departments in the Kingdom, as well as through the help of Bahraini authorities.

Despite what had happened to Daisy Fernandez De Jesus, we are glad that she is now able to go home to her loved ones, who must have been very worried about her condition during those months when she stayed in the hospital all by herself.

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