3 Reasons Why OFWs Work in Bahrain

Every day, tons of Filipinos leave the Philippines to work in another country. This is commonly happening in present times due to personal reasons and financial predicaments. Of course, most Filipinos don’t want to be in the situation of leaving his or her own country and be employed in a foreign nation.

For many Filipinos, they see Bahrain as one of the top choices when working abroad. After all, Bahrain is known to be a fastest growing financial center in the world. This is why Filipinos working in Bahrain remain to stay, especially for professionals in the financial, petroleum, and tourism sectors. Moreover, jobs as mall employees, hotel and restaurant staff and domestic helpers are only few of the many job opportunities in Bahrain.

Here are the 3 reasons why OFWs work in Bahrain:

1. Higher salary

Ask every Filipino who leaves his own country to work, and for sure, having a higher income is the main reason. Filipinos don’t want to be far away from their loved ones, but most of us would instantly grab the opportunity to work abroad, for a chance to earn a fortune. This is the only key Filipinos see to be able to provide for their families.

Let’s face it, earning tons of money is very essential nowadays. We all need a job to feed our family, send children to school and survive everyday life. And frankly, most Pinoys can’t have the life they wanted in the Philippines because the wage in our motherland is a lot lower compared to the ones in foreign lands. In fact, even professionals and college graduates in the Philippines are receiving a small amount of salary. Even teachers are leaving their jobs to be domestic helpers because of the salary they will receive compared to being a teacher in the Philippines.

But when they are working abroad, they’d be able to send more money to their loved ones. After all, they are doing this for their family’s needs and future.

2. Continuing high unemployment rate in the Philippines

The Philippine government is on a steep decline in the unemployment rates. Filipinos think otherwise. Every year, thousands of graduates are eager to land a job. This just means every year there is a strong competition among young professionals of landing a good job. Some resort to accepting low income jobs. Some are offered jobs with less or no benefits. Businessmen take advantage of this because of cheap labor and more profit for them. Many companies are employing contractual employees. An applicant gets hired for only 6 months and then finds another job- an unending process. This is one of the biggest loopholes in the Philippine labor laws that continue to exist until now.

3. Unstable Philippine economy

The economic situation in the Philippines is seen by Filipinos as unrealistic. Often heard in the news, Philippine economy is booming yet, it is not felt by the people. In fact, most claim that their lives just get worse every year. Mostly, Filipinos are desperate and find the present situation in the country as hopeless. This is why many graduates are eager to go abroad after acquiring work experience in the country. Industries in tourism, finance, and petroleum are in demand in Bahrain. Filipinos in these fields would definitely want to work in Bahrain. It does not only give them a high source of income, but it also allows them to have career growth and stable jobs.

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