5 facts about Al Khamis Mosque

Have you ever wanted to visit a whole new culturally inclined country? Have you been to Bahrain? Ever considered Bahrain for your next trip? Do you want to have a quick visit? If these questions seem interesting to you, then you consider this country as your next destination. For sure, you’d get a one-of-a-kind experience that you will cherish for years to come.

For years, Bahrain has remained to be a quiet destination, waiting to be explored by visitors. For first timers, it’d be best to read on reviews and guidelines on how it is like to be in Bahrain. The kingdom may have certain rules that you are unaware of so, it’s wise to read and check out all its regulations. One important thing to remember when traveling to Islamic countries is to pay respect to its religion.

So, you are now ready to visit Bahrain. Definitely, it’d be great to pay a visit to the Al Khamis Mosque, one of the country’s most stunning and popular mosques.

1. First mosque in Bahrain.

The Al Khamis Mosque in Manama is the pioneer mosque in the country. It was built during the ancient time of Umayyad caliph Umar II. However, there were also claims that it became visible during Uyunids rule with one minaret, meaning “lighthouse”. A minaret is used for the call to prayer, usually five times every day. Today, the twin minarets are visibly noticeable upon stumbling down Shaikh Salman Road, Khamis, even from a distance. You’d definitely be fascinated by it!

2. Construction.

The mosque stands beautifully, capturing the hearts of every passerby. It has been said that it was founded on 692 AD. However, debates have been circulating because inscriptions were found in the area that tells it was built on the 11th century. It is not hidden that the mosque had undergone a few renovations. Additionally, one minaret was said to be built 200 years after the first was built. Now, both minarets give significance to the Islam religion. The architecture is just wonderful!

3. Hall.

Originally, the mosque has a special Prayer Hall with flat wooden roof during the 14th century. Then, another flat roof was added, supported on arches made of thick masonry pillars on the 15th century. Islam in Bahrain dates back from the 7th century AD.

4. Mihrab slab.

A limestone slab and mihrab slab, was discovered in the mosque during its renovation on the 12th century. There were important inscriptions of two verses from Quran, a religious text of Islam. Qu’ran Surah XXI verse 34-35.

5. “Al Khamis”.

Al Khamis means Thursday. This day has been significant to the place as it is considered the busiest day, especially in the market nearby. This was how the name of the mosque came about. Until 1960s, the mosque was a place of worship and was then restored. All people, locals or not, must respect the place by dressing modestly. Even if you are just passing by the mosque, you must observe silence and keep radios off. Respect is of utmost importance in this sacred place.

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