10 Tourist Spots in Bahrain

The country of Bahrain is not that known to others. It is one of the earliest countries to convert to Islam, and the site of the ancient land of the Dilmun civilization. The name Bahrain means two seas. And, Bahrain is a small island located just near the western shores of the Persian Gulf.

On the late 20th century, Bahrain has started investing in banking and in tourism sectors. Thus, the place has a lot to offer to the tourists and locals alike.

The capital of the country, Manama, is home to big financial centers. There are many tourist spots in the country and each one of them offers a variety of experience for you. Here’s a Bahrain travel video for you watch and understand the culture and life in this Middle East country.

1. Al Fateh Grand Mosque, Manama

The grand mosque is the joy and pride of the country because it is one of the largest mosques in the world. With a total land area of 6,500 square meters, this grand and gigantic place of worship can hold up to 7,000 worshippers simultaneously. In 2006, the Al-Fateh became the site of the National Library of Bahrain.

2. Qal’at Al-Bahrain

Qal’at Al-Bahrain, or also known as Bahrain Fort or the Fort of Bahrain, is a fabulous archaeological site drenched in culture and history that date back from 2300 BC. Just recently, it is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

3. Bahrain National Museum, Manama

Know more about the history of the country by visiting the Bahrain National Museum. It is the largest and one of the oldest museums in the country. It was built around 1988. The museum covers around 27,800 square meters and has a couple of buildings.

4. Bahrain International Circuit, Sakhir

Bahrain International Circuit is popularly known as the best venue for motorsport and drag racing event. GP2 and the Bahrain Grand Pix are usually held here. The unique infrastructure is truly made for the said race.

5. Al Areen Wildlife Park, Sakhir

Protect the nature and learn more about it at Al Areen Wildlife Park. It is a nature reserve and at the same time a zoo. It is one of the five protected areas in Bahrain. Definitely a must-visit!

6. Bab Al Bahrain, Manama

The name is literally Gateway of Bahrain. It is one of the historical landmarks in the country. To make the location perfect, the sea is just located few kilometers north of the Bab Al Bahrain. You can surely feel the lovely ocean breeze here.

7. Amwaj Islands

Dubai contains a plethora of man-made island, and so does Bahrain. Amwaj Islands, for instance, is a group of man-made islands that was a mega project of the country. It also offers 100% freehold land ownership to the Kingdom of Bahrain. Amwaj is now suited for residential use. Check it out.

8. Bahrain World Center, Manama

The Bahrain World Center is a steep eye-catching 240-meter high skyscraper with over 40 floors. What makes it unique is the wind turbines that was put into its design, which is the first in the world.

9. Adhari Park

The amusement park offers a variety of leisure and entertainment for you and your family. This includes indoor and outdoor rides that suit for all ages. There are also food outlets, a family entertainment centre and a lot more.

10. Al Khamis Mosque

The mosque is believed to be the first one to be built during the Umayyad caliph Umar II era. It is easily spotted because of its striking identical twin minarets.

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