3 adventures you must try in Adhari Park

Bahrain is not all about great mosques. The people also know how to have fun and enjoy their day. Discover the total leisure experience in Adhari Park. The amusement park was based on Ain Adari, which is a historic freshwater spring. The park instantly became huge major top destinations. Adhari Park was opened in 2008 and has an area of around 165,000 square meters.

Adhari Park has a Family Entertainment Centre, indoor and outdoor rides available for all ages, coffee shops and a lot of dining areas and restaurants to choose from.

Tourists, visitors and locals alike drop by the Adhari Park since they offer wide choices of rides that you must certainly try out. These are:

1. Sports Camp

From the name itself, there are a lot of recreational activities that will let you enjoy using your body parts. The gross motor skills will move always in this Sports Camp.

Try out their Trampolines, which all are able to enter. Jump and jump until your heart’s content. The trampoline is huge and large, thus can accommodate many people. You can also ride and enjoy the Go Karting in their Grand Prix. Go on with your friends or family to bond over the Pedal Boats. Of course, an amusement park needs to have a roller coaster. In Adhari Park, they have this so-called Log Flume. It is hard to miss because the design has large windmills that can be seen from afar. And, the top most visited is the Mega Disc ‘O’, where you shall meet again with your adrenaline. A big O shape will spin you round and round while you are sitting down.

There are a lot of other rides that you must not miss like the Bump Cars, Spring Ride, Flying Carousel and Mini Jets. How cool is this place, isn’t it?

2. Groovy Town

Groovy Town is the place suited for children. Although adults are still welcome, the children will truly enjoy this place. Here, you can ride the Road Train that will tour you around the park. The famous inflatables are also available. Let your kids enjoy with his or her peers. The Kids Playground also features typical slides. The Mini Bumper Cars will let your child enjoy while bumping unto others’ cars. There is a Mini Golf for the kids to enjoy the sports. Of course, the Carousel spins around and round is a must-try.

3. Indoor Entertainment

Even though you are not outside, you can enjoy the indoor entertainment provided just for you. The indoor Ferris Wheel is definitely fun. Mini Tea cups will let you sit on the tea cups while it spins until it makes you dizzy. Not cool, huh? There are a lot of attractions that you also need to try like Interactive Eureka, Jump Around, Flying Dragon, Grillo Train, another Carousel and Bump Cars, Crazy Clown and Jumping Star. Despite being located indoor, the management did a great job fitting them all in.

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