5 interesting facts at Bab Al Bahrain

Do you want to travel to Bahrain? You might wonder, what is there to see? Bahrain is one of the many countries that embrace its culture and tradition religiously. Over the years, Bahrain has gained popularity among travelers who want to learn more on cultures other than their own. Islam is the major religion in Bahrain.

When visiting another country, you must read some write ups about it first. You would not want your trip having offended some locals or any other unforgivable gestures. As a traveler, it is your responsibility to somehow blend into their way of life. Remember, you are there to visit their place. In exchange, you must show utmost respect. When passing by mosques, keep quiet.

Moreover, Bahrain is proud of its great structure, the Bab Al Bahrain. Here are some of its facts:

1. Gateway of Bahrain

Bab Al Bahrain literally means Gateway of Bahrain. Why? This is due to the fact that the building used to be Manama’s central business center. It was built in 1945 by the British led by Sir Charles Belgrave and was restructured in 1986 to add an Islamic touch. They regard their religion as an important aspect for their everyday life.

2. Tourism sector

Presently, the Bab Al Bahrain’s ground floor houses the tourism office of the Ministry of Culture. Additionally, a gallery is displayed to greet tourists for their visit to the country. Here, you can find all the answers to your questions regarding your trip in Bahrain. It is recommended to drop by here first prior to your tours to other locations. You would definitely get all the good pieces of advice that you exactly need.

3. Manama souq (marketplace)

The architectural design of the building includes a large arch, which runs a road leading to the souq. The arch signifies the entrance to the souq. For a shopping enthusiast, the souq is a perfect place to visit. Various items are available such as perfumes, jewelry, handicrafts, carpets, antiques, and even local sweets and spices. You’ll definitely have fun choosing from hundreds of collectible items. Furthermore, the building also has a post office and a travel agency. Definitely a must-visit one-stop place!

4. Bab Al Bahrain Mall

Since the souq and mall are favorite places of people to hang out, these are located in central Manama. This attracts more people to just chill out at nearby shops. Visit Cafe Naseef, the first ice cream shop in the country, which opened in 1920. What’s more, Cafe Saffron serves local dishes and delicacies. Eating local food has got to be one of the challenges travelers must face. Fret not, they’re delectable!

5. Government Avenue

In front of Bab Al Bahrain stands the Government Avenue. This is the place where people head when dealing with government related transactions. Other establishments include banks and all government offices. This is totally convenient for the locals.

Bal Al Bahrain is also a place to endow its social, economic, cultural, and tourism functions. The souq, especially, has brought unity among Bahrainis due to their helping hands in running it.

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