List of Accredited “Balikbayan Box” Forwarders in Bahrain

According to the latest statistics, there are about 60,000 Filipinos living in Bahrain. Most of these are employed in various jobs throughout the Kingdom, while the rest are family members or dependents of workers who are also residing in the country.

Of course, wherever there are Filipinos, there are “balikbayan boxes” as well. These are filled with clothes, shoes, toys, and other goodies for families and relatives back home. In this article, we present a list of accredited forwarders in Bahrain through which you can send your packages.

Send your packages only through trusted companies.

Accredited “Balikbayan Box” Forwarders in the Kingdom

Here are the accredited forwarders in Bahrain, with their corresponding contact information

#1 – LBC Express, Inc.
Address: Office No. 106, Bldg. No. 328, Al Sultan Centre, Manama, Bahrain
Contact No.: +973 1700 6522

#2 – Filex International Cargo
Address: Shop No. 281, Bldg. No. 283, Palace Avenue, Gudaibiya, Manama, Bahrain
Contact No.: +973 7709 9213

#3 – Filipinas International Cargo Services
Address: Shop No. 707-A, Bldg. No. 374, Road 832, Gudaibiya, Manama, Bahrain
Contact No.: +973 1725 1575

#4 – FOREX-UMAC Cargo
Address: Shop No. 715, Bldg. No. 373, Road 82, Gudaibiya, Manama, Bahrain
Contact No.: +973 1724 2480

#5 – Pinoy Express Movers
Address: Shop No. A.81, Bldg. No.81, Road 359, Abdul Rahman Al Dakhel Ave., Block 321, Gudaibiya, Manama, Bahrain
Contact No.: +973 3646 0005
FB Page: Pinoy Express Movers

Make sure your “pasalubong” package reaches your loved ones safely!

The next time you plan on sending a “balikbayan box” to the your loved ones in the Philippines, these are the trusted companies that you can go to! In addition, here is a list of DTI-accredited seafreight forwarders in Bahrain as well as in other countries.

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