3 facts you need to know about Bahrain World Trade Center

Bahrain is not quite a famous country and there are only few people who really know about its top destinations and most sought-after tourist spots. The popular ones are the great mosques that are designed brilliantly and special for every worshipper. But, the grandest 240 meters high tower is not hard to miss.

The Bahrain World Trade Center, or also called as Bahrain WTC, has 50 floors with a twin tower complex that was built during 2008 by the architectural firm named Atkins.

In addition to its impressive height, what makes it unique is the design itself. It is said to be the first skyscraper to integrate the wind turbines as its design. It is the first one in the world. Isn’t it cool? The wind turbines were actually built, developed and installed by a Danish company Norwin A/S.

The twin tower was constructed near the King Faisal Highway as well as famous landmarks such as NBB, Abraj Al Lulu and the towers of Bahrain Financial Harbour or BFH. The building ranks second tallest structure in Bahrain after the twin towers of BFH.

There is a lot more than what meets the eye, so there are certain facts that you don’t know about the popular Bahrain World Center.

1. Awards

They have garnered a ton of prestigious awards throughout the years, gaining 11 awards in total. Some of them are Innovation Nova Award 2009, Building Exchange Awards 2008, Building Design Awards 2008, Middle East Architectural Awards 2008, Construction Week Awards 2008, Cityscape Dubai 2008, Popular Science 2008, EDI Award for Environmental Excellence 2007 and LEAD Awards 2006.

One of the awards given to this towering gem was the PALME Middle East Awards 2010, where the Bahrain World Trade Center was recognized for the Best Use of Exterior Lighting. The other one was the Council of Tall Buildings and Urban Habitats 2008 wherein the “Best Tall Building Awards” recognized different buildings and projects that paved way to contribute to the advancement of the tall buildings and the urban environment. The achievements are just totally incredible!

2. Architecture and Design

The unique structure of the building will really catch your eyes. Three sky-bridges are used to connect the two towers, with each holding a 225kW wind turbine that totals to 675 kW of its wind power capacity. The turbines are in 29 meters diameter or 95 feet, and it is aligned facing the north area. It is the direction of which the air from the nearby Persian Gulf blows in, hitting it right on place. The building is sail-shaped if you look at it from afar. Both sides were designed to funnel wind to provide wind passing the turbines through the gap.

The turbines are able to provide 11% to 15% of the building’s power consumption. That is equivalent to supply electricity for around 300 homes in the city. The turbines will operate for 50% in an average day. What an environmentally friendly structure!

3. Regus Business Center

There are offices in the twin towers too. If you are looking for an office space, you can avail one in the Bahrain World Center. Contact them for more information.

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