3 reasons to visit the Amwaj Islands

Bahrai, though it may not be one of the world’s most popular destinations, possesses a unique charm that could captivate flocks of visitors. Known for their diverse traditions, Bahrain also has plenty tourist spots that are extraordinary. From grand and huge mosques to museums and wildlife centers, Bahrain has a plethora of delights that will surely suit your taste.

Part of the country is the Amwaj Islands. It is a group of islands that are made by people and it is situated on the northeast of Bahrain specifically near Persian Gulf and Muharraq Island. The island is big with over 30 million square feet.

Amwaj Islands is a project of the country thus, they are the ones to offer 100% freehold land ownership. Within the islands, there is an increase of the supply of waterfront property.

There are numerous reasons to visit the Amwaj Islands, including

1. Pleasure and leisure

As with other archipelagos, Amwaj has a wide variety of water activities in store for its visitors. The Amwaj Dive Club, for instance, promotes scuba diving to be a fun and safe recreational activity for all. Whether you’re a beginner or experienced diver, you are welcome to join here.

With this water activity, you may get an up close encounter with the Bahrain marine life with your own PADI, who’ll train you and give you a boost of confidence to really enjoy your time under the water. They also offer the equipment, snorkel gears and dive trips for everyone. Really convenient!

Amwaj Islands also present exciting water sports that will loosen up your stress from work or school. Wakeboarding is also available for traditional board surfers. The island has trade winds that attract people from the area to try out the exhilarating sport. Build up your biceps in kayaking and canoeing or you can fish and enjoy a nice picnic out on the water.

People living near the area have direct access to the ocean known as Saraya Al Bahar beach. Amwaj Islands is the best place for water lovers. Don’t forget your action cameras!

2. Appreciation of infrastructure

The country and a private sector invested billions for the infrastructure and development of the island. Now that is complete, there are a lot of investors coming in and the booming of the tourism also grew. The completion of the power circuit for electricity and telecoms, the passageway like roads and the water system paved way for it to become fit for residential use.

The islands are somewhat an extension to the country since it is really suited for living. Thus, there are schools, theme parks, fuel station, hospital and many more. There are also a lot of commercial centers in the place.

3. Lots of activities you are welcome to join

Amwaj Islands have a series of vibrant events throughout the year Feel free to contact them or check their websites to see what’s cooking up.

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