5 things to expect at Bahrain National Museum

Have you considered traveling to Bahrain? Do you want to visit a country with numerous mosques and forts? Is Bahrain one of the few Asian countries that possess all these? Are you fond of history and culture? Do you want to discover Bahrain’s gold old days? Book your ticket now and take a quick trip to Bahrain.

Reserve your hotel located near King Faisal Highway, Manama and take the Bahrain National Museum as your first tourist destination. Depending on the season you are traveling, Bahrain’s weather is considerably hot, so don’t forget to hydrate yourself prior to walking around for your tours. However, when you enter the museum, you’d feel cold.

1. Entrance

You wouldn’t really have to spend a lot when visiting the museum. Entrance fee is at 1BD. There are even times when they waive it and you’d get to come in for free. I guess you just need a really good timing for this. The museum is quite small compared to other countries. You can actually spend around two to three hours walking around the museum.

2. Description

The Bahrain National Museum is the oldest and largest public museums in the country. It opened to the public on December 1988 and has since then become a top tourist attraction. It occupies 27,800 square meters in Manama, the capital of Bahrain. Because of its location, you’ll definitely not get lost in search for the museum. Ask around or better yet, use the map. Standing near the museum is the National Theatre of Bahrain. The museum’s modern architecture has captured the hearts of the visitors.

3. What’s inside

On the center of the museum, your eyes would immediately notice the large map of Bahrain. The museum is divided into five sections. Three halls are allotted for Bahrain’s archaeology and Dilmun’s civilization while two halls present Bahrain’s culture and tradition in the recent industrial year. There are quite a huge number of artifacts that Bahrain has preserved. For 6,000 years, Bahrain’s history can be summed up here. Ancient manuscripts, weapons, metals, scrolls, coins, and many others are displayed as a collection of its historical significance.

4. Unique hall

In 1993, the Natural History Hall was opened. This area presents collective specimens of Bahrain’s very own flora and fauna. What’s interesting with Bahrain is that it gives importance to its natural environment. Locals are inclined to participate to keep the surroundings clean. The flora and fauna collection emphasizes how Bahrain also cares for the environment.

5. Exhibits

What captivate most visitors are the life size dioramas of Bahrain’s everyday life. You could actually see Bahrain’s culture especially on giving birth, death, wedding traditions, their clothing, its architecture and many more. There are also burial mounds with skeleton. Not creepy rather historical I’d say.

Visiting the museum would surely give you a look of Bahrain’s history and culture. Visitors never go home disappointed after walking around the museum. For years, it has truly deserved to be called top tourist destination for every foreigner dropping by the country.

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