Bahrain Labour Law: Employees’ Official Leaves

In a previous post, we’ve talked about the official working hours and rest periods of workers, as stipulated by the Bahrain Labour Law. Today, we’re going to discuss about official leaves.

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Just like in other countries, workers in Bahrain are entitled to annual leaves, sick leaves, and other official leaves. So before your sign your work contract, ask about your leave benefits, especially if you are planning to use them when going on vacation or for other purposes.

Bahrain Labour Law Employees' Official Leaves

Official Leaves of Workers in Bahrain

Typically, workers in the Kingdom are entitled to annual leaves, sick leaves, official holiday leaves, and other provisions. Here is what the Bahrain Labour Law has to say:

Annual Leave

  • A person who has worked for at least one year for an employer is entitled to a paid annual leave of not less than 30 days, according to Article 58.
  • If the person has worked for less than one year, he/she is entitled to a leave corresponding to the period of his/her work.
  • The worker may receive monetary compensation in return for the said leave.

Official Holidays

  • Article 64 states that on official holidays determined by the Council of Ministers, a worker may obtain a leave with full pay.
  • If the employee is required to work on a holiday (e.g. health workers, security guards), he/she is entitled to receive additional wage equivalent to 150% of his usual wage for the day.

Sick Leave

  • A person who has worked for at least three months for an employer is entitled to sick leave, as follows: (a) 15 days on full pay; (b) 20 days on half pay; and (c) 20 days without pay during the same year, based on Article 65.
  • In case of a disagreement on the duration of medical treatment, the period shall be determined by a Medical Committee, as specified in Article 89 of the Law.

Bahrain Labour Law Employees' Official Leaves

Special Cases

  • Article 63 states that a worker is entitled to a three-day leave with full pay during these cases: (a) marriage; (b) death of spouse or relative to the fourth degree of kin; and (c) death of spouse’s relatives to the second degree of kin.
  • The worker is entitled to a one-day leave with full pay upon the birth of his child.

Muslim Workers

  • A Muslim employee who has worked for five consecutive years for an employer is entitled to a 14-day leave to perform his Hajj (Pilgrimage) obligation, according to Article 67.
  • This leave shall be granted unless the worker has already benefited from it while working for a previous employer.

Other Provisions

  • Article 61 states that a worker who needs to take an educational exam may apply for a leave, provided that he/she notifies the employer not less than 30 days before the exam date. This would be considered as part of his annual leave.
  • An employer may deprive the worker of his/her due wage for an annual leave, if evidence shows that the worker was employed by another employer during the said leave, based on Article 62.

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DISCLAIMER: The above provisions are presented for information-sharing purposes only. To learn more about officials leaves of workers in Bahrain, please visit the Labour Market Regulatory Authority (LMRA) official website

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