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Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Bahrain 4

Like most other Middle East countries, the Kingdom of Bahrain is an Islamic state, and majority of the population are Muslims. Nonetheless, expats here are able to practice their own beliefs, including Catholicism, which is the religion of many Filipinos in the country. ALSO READ: How to Get Married in Bahrain (for Filipinos) There are two Roman Catholic [...]

Bahrain Labour Law Employees' Official Leaves

In a previous post, we’ve talked about the official working hours and rest periods of workers, as stipulated by the Bahrain Labour Law. Today, we’re going to discuss about official leaves. ALSO READ: Policies on Wages Just like in other countries, workers in Bahrain are entitled to annual leaves, sick leaves, and other official leaves. So before your [...]

How to Transfer to a New Employer

When foreign employees plan to transfer to another employer, they usually have to cancel their existing work permits and exit the country. However, did you know that it is possible to do this without canceling your work permit or traveling outside the Kingdom of Bahrain? ALSO READ: How to Check Your Work & Legal Status in Bahrain You [...]

How to File a Complaint as a Worker in Bahrain

Many expats, including overseas Filipino workers (OFWs), work in Bahrain to support their families back home. Just like others around the world, however, some employees encounter problems at work — concerns that may need to be filed with legal authorities. ALSO READ: Things to Know about your Work Contract One such problem is to be reported “absent” by [...]

Places to Visit in bahrain

The Kingdom of Bahrain is an island country — 33 islands to be exact — nestled between the Kingdoms of Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Its capital city is Manama, and latest statistics show that there are about 1.38 million people in Bahrain, including citizens and residents. In recent years, the Kingdom has rapidly transformed into [...]

Emergency Numbers & Hotlines in Bahrain 3

If you are a newcomer to Bahrain, then it’s important that you know the emergency numbers and hotlines in the Kingdom. Just like in any other country, you never know when you might need to call an ambulance, report an incident to the police, or seek urgent household repairs. ALSO READ: Guide to Health and Medical [...]

How to Apply for Electricity & Water Services in Bahrain 4

Whether you are renting or moving into your own place in Bahrain, you will need access to electricity and water services, of course! Part of moving into a new place involves applying for a connection or re-connection of the electricity and water bill under your name. ALSO READ: How to Adapt to a New Culture or [...]

Dos & Donts in Bahrain 5

If you are planning to live and work in Bahrain, then it’s important for you to learn about it’s culture and society. As a foreigner who will be staying in another country, keep in mind that you must adapt to the Kingdom’s customs and practices — not the other way round! ALSO READ: Basic Guide to [...]

How to Check Your Work & Legal Status in Bahrain 2

Have you ever wondered about the status of your work permit in Bahrain? Worried about a possible travel ban that may have been issued against you? There’s a quick way to know the answers to these questions by using the eGovernment portal of the Kingdom of Bahrain. ALSO READ: Bahrain to Issue 10-Year Residency Permit for Investors Today’s [...]

How to request newborns birth certificate in bahrain 3

Interestingly, many foreign workers meet their future spouses and end up getting married in Bahrain. Eventually, they have children of their own, bringing up this question: how can they request for their newborn baby’s birth certificate? ALSO READ: How to Adapt to a New Culture or Workplace Today’s article explains how parents in Bahrain can request for [...]