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Banned and restricted items bahrain

If you are planning to come to Bahrain anytime soon — whether for work, business, or leisure travel purposes, then you should also be aware of what you can and cannot bring into the Kingdom. There are things that are banned for import, just as there are items that cannot be exported from the country. ALSO [...]

Fun Things to Do While Staying at Home

Although the economy is starting to pick up and establishments have opened once again, most people are likely to stay home most of the time. So unless you are required to work outside, or to buy essential food and supplies, you’ll still be home for most of the day and night. ALSO READ: 8 Best [...]

[TRENDING] Bahrain Housemaid Placed in Car Trunk by Employer to Prevent Package from Falling

A video allegedly showing a housemaid placed in a car’s open trunk while holding on to a large box to keep it from falling has caught the attention of netizens after it made rounds on social media last week. ALSO READ: 3 Reasons Why OFWs Work in Bahrain The video drew flak from netizens criticizing the [...]

Bahrain Resumes Recruitment of Domestic Helpers, 'Filipinos Preferred' - Sec. Bello

Good news for Filipino domestic helpers who wish to work in Bahrain, as the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) announced that the Kingdom is once again recruiting migrant workers to work in the country after it has closed off its borders to foreign workers due to the ongoing pandemic. After months of putting the recruitment of [...]

online shopping website bahrain

These days, online shopping has become more and more common, whether you’re buying food, groceries, clothes, shoes, medicine, and even electronic gadgets. And aside from the many popular shopping destinations in Bahrain, there are many shopping platforms in the Kingdom as well. Through these platforms, you can order everything you could ever need, from the comfort [...]

Best Places to Live in Bahrain for Expats

If you are a newcomer to Bahrain, or thinking about living and working in the Kingdom, one of the most important decisions you’ll ever have to make is where to stay. Fortunately, there are many places and types of accommodations available to fit your budget and cost of living. Of course, choosing a place to [...]

How Much is the Salary of an OFW vs Cost of Living in Bahrain?

Filipinos aspire to work abroad for many reasons. Some may want the experience and professional growth, but most of the time, it’s about the money. And one of the more popular places Filipinos go to for work is the Kingdom of Bahrain because aside from the numerous job opportunities provided there, Bahrain also has a large OFW community. [...]

save money bahrain

Located on the southwestern coast of the Persian Gulf is the Kingdom of Bahrain, a small Arab state with a land area only slightly bigger than that of Singapore. Its name comes from the term al-bahrayn, which means means “two seas.” Unlike its oil-rich neighbours, Bahrain only has small stores of petroleum. Nevertheless, the Kingdom [...]

10 Reasons Why Filipinos Want to Work in Bahrain

Did you know that “Bahrain” is derived from the term al-bahrayn, which means “two seas” in Arabic? Located in a bay on the southwest coast of the Persian Gulf, the Kingdom is actually an archipelago that includes Bahrain Island and around 30 smaller islands. Pretty cool, yeah? Unlike its oil-rich neighbours, Bahrain has limited sources [...]

Bahrain Enforces Social Distancing, Requires Everyone to Wear Masks in Public

On top of the precautionary measures issued a few weeks ago, Bahrain has recently enforced additional measures to help contain and prevent the spread of the outbreak. The decision was made during a meeting of the Government Executive Committee on Monday, 7th April 2020. The meeting — held remotely — was chaired by the Crown Prince, [...]