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Salary of an OFW in Bahrain

Whenever people think of working abroad, one of the first things (if not the first) they’d like to know about is the salary. Naturally, a person’s salary will depend on several things such as the type of your job, your work experience, and credentials, among others. But for OFWs, there are also economic factors such [...]

House Tour of Katas ng OFW in Bahrain

Just like most people, Filipinos have dreams shaped by the lives they were exposed to. For those who came from impoverished backgrounds, the dream could be “to better provide for the family” and for those who do not have a permanent home they can go to, it could be “to have a dream house”. Undoubtedly, [...]

Gov’t Introduces Digital ‘Vaccine Passports’

On Wednesday (February 17), the Kingdom of Bahrain announced through the Gulf state’s media office that it has launched its own digital ‘vaccine passport’ for citizens. The decision aims to determine whether using digital ‘vaccine passports’ would work well for the people of Bahrain in light of the ongoing pandemic. The initiative positions the kingdom [...]

OFW from Bahrain Comes Home, Tests Positive for COVID-19 UK Variant

The Ilocos Norte provincial government is currently tracing the people who came into contact with an overseas Filipino worker (OFW) who arrived from Bahrain. This is because he tested positive for the COVID-19 UK variant, which is reported to be highly infectious. ALSO READ: Guidelines for Home Quarantine and Disinfection The man arrived in the Philippines [...]

KATAS OFW: Domestic Helper in Bahrain Gifts New House for her Parents, Family in the Philippines

If there’s one thing, we, Filipinos can be extremely proud of, that is our culture that puts much value on the family. Though many of our kababayan grew up in very humble households, they do not take it against their parents for being born into a poor family. ALSO READ: 10 Reasons Why Filipinos Want [...]

Best Souvenirs to Buy in Bahrain

Are you a planning to visit Bahrain as a tourist anytime soon? Or perhaps you are an expat in the Kingdom, planning a vacation to your home country? Either way, there is one thing that you shouldn’t miss getting during your trip or stay in Bahrain: souvenirs. ALSO READ:  List of Shopping Malls in Bahrain Aside [...]

Banned and restricted items bahrain

If you are planning to come to Bahrain anytime soon — whether for work, business, or leisure travel purposes, then you should also be aware of what you can and cannot bring into the Kingdom. There are things that are banned for import, just as there are items that cannot be exported from the country. ALSO [...]

Fun Things to Do While Staying at Home

Although the economy is starting to pick up and establishments have opened once again, most people are likely to stay home most of the time. So unless you are required to work outside, or to buy essential food and supplies, you’ll still be home for most of the day and night. ALSO READ: 8 Best [...]

[TRENDING] Bahrain Housemaid Placed in Car Trunk by Employer to Prevent Package from Falling

A video allegedly showing a housemaid placed in a car’s open trunk while holding on to a large box to keep it from falling has caught the attention of netizens after it made rounds on social media last week. ALSO READ: 3 Reasons Why OFWs Work in Bahrain The video drew flak from netizens criticizing the [...]

Bahrain Resumes Recruitment of Domestic Helpers, 'Filipinos Preferred' - Sec. Bello

Good news for Filipino domestic helpers who wish to work in Bahrain, as the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) announced that the Kingdom is once again recruiting migrant workers to work in the country after it has closed off its borders to foreign workers due to the ongoing pandemic. After months of putting the recruitment of [...]