5 Rules on Smoking in the Kingdom of Bahrain

Among the do’s and don’ts in Bahrain are rules on smoking and tobacco products. In 2009, the Kingdom introduced strict laws that were ratified by His Majesty King Hamad Bin Eisa Al Khalifah.

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The laws include the prohibition of smoking in indoor public places, in private cars with the presence of children, and other anti-smoking rules, which we discuss further below…

5 Rules on Smoking in the Kingdom of Bahrain

Anti-Smoking Rules in the Kingdom of Bahrain

If you have just arrived in Bahrain or if you are planning to move here, keep in mind the following rules on smoking, as reported by Arabian Business:

#1 – No smoking in indoor public places.

Smoking in indoor public places, such as cafés, restaurants, shopping malls, hair salons, hotels, and public transportation is not allowed.

#2 – No smoking in private cars… where there are children.

Even if you’re inside your own car, but there are children in the vehicle with you, smoking is still not allowed.

#3 – No advertising of cigarettes.

The promotion and advertising of cigarettes and tobacco products is strictly prohibited.

#4 – No selling of cigarettes to anyone below 18 years old.

When a shopkeeper is in doubt of a customer’s age, he/she shouldn’t hesitate to ask for identification proving that the latter is 18 years old or above.

#5 – “No Smoking” signs should be displayed.

In places where smoking is strictly prohibited, “no smoking” signs should be posted in prominent areas where people can easily see them.

Aside from these rules, cigarette vending machines, the importation of chewable-based tobacco products — along with the planting and manufacturing of tobacco in Bahrain — are strictly prohibited in the Kingdom.

Anyone who violates these rules will be fined. Similarly, establishments that fail to follow them run the risk of being closed for up to three months.

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To avoid getting into any trouble or legal problems, be sure to follow theses rules, especially when you are out in public. Besides, there are many activities here that could occupy your time, beginning with these free things that you can do in Bahrain.

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