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Filipina OFW in Bahrain Builds PHP 450K Dream House in 3 Years

Every Filipino working abroad dreams of having their own house. But the first challenge is determining how much you need to save up. This is an important question to note because this will inform your goals and how long you need to work and save up overseas. For our feature OFW in this post, she [...]

This OFW Started Her Own House Project Worth Php 200K

Many OFWs dream of having their own house. But not everyone gets to have one even if they already have the means and resources to do so. Why? Because they only “dream” about it. In this feature post, we share the journey of a kababayan based in the Kingdom of Bahrain, working as an OFW [...]

House Tour of Katas ng OFW in Bahrain

Just like most people, Filipinos have dreams shaped by the lives they were exposed to. For those who came from impoverished backgrounds, the dream could be “to better provide for the family” and for those who do not have a permanent home they can go to, it could be “to have a dream house”. Undoubtedly, [...]

KATAS OFW: Domestic Helper in Bahrain Gifts New House for her Parents, Family in the Philippines

If there’s one thing, we, Filipinos can be extremely proud of, that is our culture that puts much value on the family. Though many of our kababayan grew up in very humble households, they do not take it against their parents for being born into a poor family. ALSO READ: 10 Reasons Why Filipinos Want [...]