4 things to check out at Bahrain International Circuit

Are you extremely fond of supercars? Do you find them strikingly fantastic? Are you a fan of racing? If you answered yes to all these questions, then visiting Bahrain is definitely for you. More so, Bahrain International Circuit is the venue for numerous motorsport events, and is primarily used for drag racing and the yearly Bahrain Grand Prix.

In addition, last April 6, 2014, BIC honored German Michael Schumacher as part of its 10th year anniversary. BIC has named the first corner of its track after him, recognizing all his achievement to racing. Schumacher won the Bahrain Grand Prix in 2204 and has since then, became a huge influence to race car drivers not only in Bahrain, but throughout the world. He is tagged as the greatest Formula One driver, who has at least 7 world championships. What an inspiration!

Are you feeling excited now? Do you want to come and visit Bahrain so soon? If you are, worry not. Bahrain International Circuit has brought pride to Bahrain and its people. Check out these experiences:

1. BIC Drag and Drift Nights

Throughout the year, the Drag and Drift competition happens every night. Tourists and fans get to enjoy the race at Batelco Grandstand and witness thrilling rides of the participants. If you want to be a passenger, you can experience the thrill too. Isn’t that cool? Tickets are sold at 2 Bahraini dollars for fans and passengers while drivers get to participate at 7 BD. All must provide their own helmets for safety.

2. BIC Track Xperience

Fans get to enjoy the race of the most astonishing cars today. Get to see a Mitsubishi Evolution X, Hyundai Genesis 2.0T and Caterham G7 in action at the famous BIC race track. Check out these cars and watch how each car’s superlative performance. Overall, you will view a total of 10 laps of an action-packed car competition that lasts for about 2 hours.

3. Circuit Tour

Visit the eight storey Sakhir Tower, and snap photos of the race control tower, media center, and BIC pit shop. Don’t worry, as the tour guide can either speak Arabic or English. Climb up to its roof terrace for an awesome view of the city. If you have lots of cash to burn, try booking at its VIP suites and dine in at its restaurant. There are also administration offices in the place. Additionally, a one-lap tour around the Formula One circuit is included if it is available. Don’t forget to grab some souvenirs at the pit shop!

4. Auto X

This competition involves speeding car drivers undergoing a course with marked cones. Exciting isn’t it? The drivers are timed from starting to finish line. The fastest driver, of course, grabs victory. Drivers must not just ignore the cones because every time a cone gets knocked out, specific penalty is incurred to the driver.

Visiting Bahrain International Circuit, especially for supercars fans can be so exciting. Of course, it would be best to keep one’s eye to all the cars you’d been dying to see.

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