Guide to Buying a Car in Bahrain

When it comes to traveling, Bahrain has a modern and developed transport system. Of course, if you prefer to drive, then you can opt to buy a car that you can use for going to work or to different places. Since petrol is relatively cheap in Bahrain, you get to save money, too!

In this article, we will talk about buying cars in Bahrain, including new cars as well as secondhand vehicles. We will also discuss the general requirements for buying a car, and present a list of the most popular car dealers in different parts the country.

Guide to Buying a Car in Bahrain

Requirements for Buying a Car

To be able to buy your own car in Bahrain, you should have two important requirements: a Central Population Registration (CPR) card, and a valid resident permit. The CPR basically serves as a national ID card. Together with the resident permit, these two documents are essential to purchasing a vehicle, be it a new car or a secondhand car.

Buying a New Car

There are quite a number of car dealers and showrooms offering brand new vehicles in Bahrain. You can pay in cash upfront or apply for a car loan from your bank; either way is possible. The main advantage of buying a new car is that the dealer usually takes care of everything, including vehicle registration and car insurance. It’s fast, easy, and hassle-free!

If you’re buying a new car, consider getting a popular brand like BMW, Ford, Nissan, Porsche, or Toyota. These brands are easier to sell compared to lesser-known brands… Something to think about, especially if you plan to sell your car in the future!

Buying a Secondhand Car

If you’re on a budget, you can opt for a secondhand vehicle. There are several used car dealers in Bahrain that you can visit. As mentioned earlier, the advantage of buying from dealers is that they can provide assistance with registration and other paperwork.

Another option would be to buy from a private individual. Many people post ads of their cars for sale in newspapers, online classifieds, and bulletin boards in supermarkets. Look around these places and you’re bound to find a vehicle that you might like!

In any case, whether you’re buying from a car dealer or a private individual, consider bringing along a “car savvy” friend who can check the vehicle and help ensure that you are getting a good deal.

List of Car Dealers in Bahrain

Below is a list of popular car dealers in Bahrain, including those selling brand new vehicles and secondhand cars. You could visit their showrooms or call them to make inquiries:

Al Bandar Cars
Manama, Bahrain
+973 1772 2885

Amazing Motors
South Selah, Bahrain
+973 3996 9991

Riffa Cars Showroom
Muharraq, Bahrain
+973 1733 0406

Used Car Dealers:

Al Fadhala Car Showroom
Manama, Bahrain
+973 1722 8892

Behbehani Used Cars Showroom
Sitra, Bahrain
+973 1745 9808

Budget Used Cars Showroom
Sitra, Bahrain
+973 1773 1295

Carzone Auto Center
Hamala, Bahrain
+973 3331 5261

Shaikhan Cars
Riffa, Bahrain
+973 1777 7500

Shoneez Motors
Al Burhama, Bahrain
+973 3966 8636

We hope that the above guide can help you with your plans to buy a car in Bahrain. Once you make a purchase, see to it that everything is in order, including car insurance and vehicle registration. More importantly, always follow the traffic rules and regulations, and drive safely!

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