10 Filipino Restaurants in Manama, Bahrain

Homesickness is real, and it can be tough when it kicks in. So, what better way to satiate your longing for home than to eat your favorite Filipino comfort foods, right?

And if there is a place to go when that rumbling in your tummy just keeps screaming for home, it’s Manama. A plethora of Pinoy restaurants wait for you in the heart of the largest city of Bahrain. So, get ready to be taken back without the cost of a round-trip plane ticket!

Filipino food in Manama, Bahrain!
Image Credits: Kimpura, Manila Cafe, New Cabalen, Rolando’s Kitchen FB Pages

10 Pinoy Restaurants within Manama

#1 – Hot Pot Restaurant
Starting off with a classic and familiar cuisine combo, Hot Pot is a Filipino-Chinese restaurant that promises top-grade chicken, beef, lamb, seafood, and vegetables at reasonable prices. I mean, who wouldn’t be sold on that?

Image Credit: Hot Pot Restaurant Official Website

Hot Pot Restaurant
Location: Shop 4, Road 330, Building 281, Block 308, Gudaibiya (opposite Kuwaity Buiding Gudaibiya)
Tel. No.: +973 17 25 15 65
Email: hotpotbahrain.com@gmail.com
Website: http://cnwbahrain.com/hotpot/index.html

#2 – Little Vigan
If you’re craving Ilocano food, head on over to Little Vigan! They have meals fit for a king and meals fit for the frugal. Whichever you are, this Ilocano food spot has you covered.

Image Credit: Little Vigan FB Page

Little Vigan
Location: Building 107, Road 342, Block 308, Gudaibiya
Tel. No.: +973 1730 9080
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/littlevigan/

#3 – Golden Swan
On days (or nights) you want a little more variety than usual, Golden Swan is the restaurant to book as they serve Ilocano, Ybanag, and Thai dishes.

Image Credit: Golden Swan FB Page

Golden Swan
Location: Road 479, Block 304, Manama
Tel. No.: +973 1728 0997
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/goldenswanrestaurantbahrain/

#4 – New Cabalen
To Filipinos, it’s obvious what kind of food comes to mind when you hear the word “cabalen” – that’s right, traditional Filipino food! New Cabalen also serves epic (and classy, might I add) boodle fight feasts!

Image Credit: New Cabalen FB Page

New Cabalen
Location: Gudaibiya Avenue, Manama
Tel. No.: +973 1369 7953
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/NewCabalenManama/

#5 – Manila Café
If you just want something simple, hot, and comforting — Manila Café is your stop. Mostly known as a “gotohan,” this simple but very Filipino food spot is everything you’ll need to get a comforting reminder of home.

Image Credit: Manila Cafe FB Page

Manila Cafe
Location: Road 816, Manama
Tel. Nos.: +973 3553 4602 / 13108975 / 35341123
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/Manila-Cafe-173666859503366/

#6 – Bahay Kubo
Bahay Kubo is another traditional Filipino food restaurant that offers an extensive menu of Pinoy favorites. And from the name, to the ambience, to the food, you’ll feel as if you never left home!

Image Credit: Bahay Kubo Official Website

Bahay Kubo
Location: Building 822, Road 723, Area 307, Gudaibiya (behind Middle East Hotel, across the Indian Club)
Tel. No.: +973 17231996
Email: melanie@bahaykubobahrain.com
Website: http://bahaykubobahrain.com/

#7 – Kimpura (formerly Kowloon)
Formerly known as Kowloon, Kimpura is another Filipino-Chinese (mostly Chinese) restaurant that offers delicious Pinoy favorites like lumpiang shanghai, pancit canton, and many more!

Image Credit: Kimpura FB Page

Location: Subara Avenue, Gudaibiya (opposite Saadedin Pastry)
Tel. Nos.: +973 3672 9702 / 13624839 / 36739074 / 39217055
Email: kimpuragudaibiya@gmail.com
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/KimpuraRestaurantGudaibiya/

#8 – Christine’s Kitchen
Feeling a little indulgent? Christine’s Kitchen is the food spot to be at when you just want to treat yourself to an elegant 5-star quality dinner for all that hard work you’ve been putting in. And rightfully so.

Image Credit: Christine’s Kitchen FB Page

Christine’s Kitchen
Location: Road 2115, Block 0321, Manama
Tel. Nos.: +973 3641 8104 / 34524605
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/ChristineRestaurant/

#9 – Rolando’s Kitchen
Newcomer Rolando’s Kitchen serves classic Pinoy comfort food, and while still in its early stages as it just opened August of 2017, reviews imply that it is well worth checking out.

Image Credit: Rolando’s Kitchen

Rolando’s Kitchen
Location: Gudaibiya, Manama (located along Roopam Textile Gudaibiya)
Tel. Nos.: 36995411 / 77360825
Email: romaskitchen.bh@gmail.com
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/rolandoskitchen.bh/

#10 – Jollibee
And of course, Jollibee. Every Filipino’s childhood. Nothing takes you down memory lane like Chicken Joy and Jolly Spaghetti!

Image Credit: Jollibee Bahrain FB Page

Location: Al Hoora, Manama
Tel. No.: +973 17777900
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/JollibeeBahrain/

Whether you’re feeling homesick or just craving for some good Filipino homecooking, you can just walk or drive around Manama and your favorite Pinoy foods will be right at your fingertips! No need to book that flight back home!

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