4 Tips to Find a Healthcare Job in Bahrain

For many years, the kingdom of Bahrain has aimed to become one of the best healthcare providers in the Gulf. The country has a long-standing history in the field of medicine as it was the first one in the region to start a clinic in the year 1888. This was followed by establishing the American Mission Hospital, the first modern hospital in Bahrain, in the year 1902. The country has adopted the ‘Health for All’ policy since 1979. Looking at these facts, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that the kingdom of Bahrain is home to one of the oldest healthcare sectors in the region.

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The Bahraini government has always given importance to the country’s healthcare system. Towards this end, it has adopted and implemented numerous policies for the benefit of its native and expat population. As a result, the country is also witnessing improvement in the employment opportunities in the sector. Moreover, employers in Bahrain offer good salaries. This is also one of the reasons why OFW job seekers aspire to make a career in the healthcare industry to begin their professional journey and contribute to the overall health of the country.

How to Get a Healthcare Job in Bahrain

However, with the increase in the number of job seekers trying their luck in the healthcare industry, the competition has gotten fierce. To successfully land a job in the industry, job seekers have to stand out from the crowd and prove prospective employers why they are best for the role. If you too are searching a job, follow the tips outlined below. These will help you in making a mark in the minds of the employers and find success in your job search.

  1. Make an impeccable cover letter and CV:
    The first step in the job search process is applying to jobs. For that, you need to craft a great cover letter and an impressive CV. Search for the latest trends and tips related to CV writing and study as many CV templates used by the healthcare professionals as possible. This will give you an idea as to what’s acceptable for the industry and what’s desirable to the hiring managers. Sending one standard CV for all types of jobs won’t get you results. Prepare at least 2-3 samples of the cover letter and CV and customize both to match the requirements of each job that you apply for.
  2. Make a list of clinics and hospitals:
    Take help of the Internet to prepare a list of hospitals and clinics in Bahrain. This way you will know from where to begin your job search. Once you have the list ready, visit the official websites of the hospitals and clinics as well as various job sites to find out about the latest job openings. Start applying to relevant jobs; however, like we said in the above point also, make sure to customize your CV according to the job role before sending. You can even consider dropping your CV directly at various hospitals and clinics.
  3. Reach out to people in your network:
    Stay in touch with the people you have studied and worked with earlier. The point is to make the people in your network aware that you are looking for a job. They will keep you posted about the latest opening at their respective workplaces. Also, employers prefer hiring those candidates who are referred by their internal staff. Hence, your chances of landing the job will also increase.
  4. Offer to volunteer:
    If nothing seems to be working in your favor, consider volunteering. Most hospitals, clinics, NGOs, universities & colleges (that teach medicine), etc., welcome people who can offer their services for free. Doing so will not only add to your CV but also help you expand your skill set. It is often seen that employers end up hiring those volunteers and interns who perform exceptionally well during their limited tenure. You never know. This short-term stint may materialize into something permanent and long-term.

Bahrain offers great opportunities to deserving healthcare professionals looking to build a lucrative career for themselves. Following the tips shared above will assist in projecting yourself as a deserving candidate in front of the employers.

Good luck!


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