All You Need To Know About Teaching English in Bahrain

Amongst the many non-oil sectors, Education sector is one of the major contributors to the GDP of Bahrain’s Economy. The opportunities are immense, especially for English Teachers. English is considered as the world language and knowledge of the same is deemed important in most of the countries around the world. Arab nations aren’t far away from this truth. Although English is required to be taught as a secondary language, hardly any native are found speaking fluently in English.

But the demand for English speaking workforce is increasing since it is the primary language used to communicate with expats, people in the hospitality industry, global business holders, etc. Therefore, English Teachers are in great demand all over the Arab nations and what could be better than starting your career teaching in Bahrain.

Why Bahrain?

Middle East has a completely different culture as compared to the European or Asian countries. There is a lot that one has to accept and adapt to when shifting base to an Arab nation. Therefore, teaching in Bahrain can act as a great way to introduce oneself to the Middle Eastern culture and way of life. Why, you ask? The most important reason behind this is that Bahrain is more liberal as compared to other Arab nations. The small island country, positioned as a small Gulf state, is surrounded by neighbors much larger in size making it a diplomatic nation. Also, teaching in Bahrain will not only give your career a great boost but also give a chance to truly immerse yourself in the Bahraini culture and experience a new way of living.

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Qualified English teachers can make anywhere between 1000 BHD and 2000 BHD monthly. On top of that, there is no need to pay any taxes so there are no deductions in the salary which is great. All these reasons make teaching in Bahrain a great option.

How to go about it?

Starting your teaching career in Bahrain is not an easy task. The basic qualification requires you to have a relevant university degree as well as a degree that certifies you to teach English. You can enroll yourself for a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certification course that will open many gateways for you to teach English abroad.

Since Bahrain is a small country considered to be one of the most sought-after destinations amongst foreign nationals looking to start their career teaching English, the competition is quite tough too. Especially, if you are a fresher without any prior experience in teaching English. It is even more difficult to find a teaching job in Bahrain if you are not actually present in the country.

You can start by applying for teaching jobs in Bahrain on a visit visa. You will find majority of work requirements in the city of Manama (the capital of the Kingdom of Bahrain), but a few openings do come in other smaller towns as well occasionally. But keep in mind to plan your visit only during the peak hiring season which usually starts from the last week of August and lasts till the first week of September. It is during this time that many schools hire teachers for meeting their last- minute staffing needs.

As far as the low hiring season is concerned, the best approach is to contact schools, language centers, universities or any other educational institution via email. However, you may decide to apply for the job, just make sure to prepare a good cover letter to go with your resume.

Where can you teach?

  • Private Schools: Bahrain has a large number of private schools catering to the expat populations’ need for education in English.
  • Private Tuitions: Many teachers teaching in schools opt for this option as a way to earn additional money. To be a successful private tutor, you need a good word of mouth by the locals.
  • Language Schools: Bahrain invites people from various parts of the world for work opportunities. These expats join language schools for learning English after completing their working shifts. So, language schools are another option you can try to get in to.
  • The British Council: If you get into the British Council then nothing like it. Keep a close eye on openings there as they offer the best paid positions to those with a Master’s Degree.

Although, the cost of living in Bahrain is high, a tax free income makes up for it. If you get into a good organization, chances are you will be offered accommodation, travel expenses and even visa expenses in addition to the tax free income, which makes it a great offer.


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