Job Openings in Bahrain October 2015


Here are the job openings in Bahrain this October 2015! Please share these to your friends looking for jobs! *Ritz-Carlton Hotel – *Starwood Hotels – *BALEXCO – *BAPCO – *Al Futtaim …

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Jobs in Bahrain-September 2015

Hi everyone, here is the list of job openings in Bahrain this month of September! Please make sure you visit each company link in order to view the vacancies posted. Good luck in applying for …

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My Monthly Expenses in Bahrain


Bahrain is eyed by many OFWs because of the high conversion rate of their currency. We have a number of Filipino workers who have been residing in this country for better opportunities. However, before you decide …

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5 Facts About Qal’at Al-Bahrain

Planning on a trip to Bahrain? While other Middle East countries are flocked by thousands of tourists every year, Bahrain is slowly but surely becoming a haven for travelers too. People who love discovering history …

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5 interesting facts at Bab Al Bahrain

Do you want to travel to Bahrain? You might wonder, what is there to see? Bahrain is one of the many countries that embrace its culture and tradition religiously. Over the years, Bahrain has gained …

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